Our Staff

Charlene C. Sherwood:  Ms. Sherwood is a paralegal with over 30 years of experience in estate and trust administration and estate planning.  She joined the firm in 1992 and previously worked with Ms. Cicero at the firm now known as Nixon Peabody LLP.  Ms. Sherwood works closely with Ms. Cicero, Ms. Agins, and Ms. Barkley in drafting planning documents, assisting fiduciaries with the administration of estates and trusts, and preparing estate, gift, and fiduciary income tax returns, under attorney supervision.  She is proficient in the use of computer software in drafting legal documents, preparing tax projections and fiduciary accountings, and preparing estate, gift, and income tax returns.  Ms. Sherwood is a 1985 graduate of the Institute for Paralegal Training, with a concentration in estates and trusts.  (Email:  csherwood@thecicerolawfirm.com)


Leslie G. Buglion:  Ms. Buglion serves as one of the firm’s administrative assistants, bookkeeper, and as Ms. Cicero’s personal assistant.  She has been with the firm since 2003 and previously served as paralegal administrator of the residential mortgage department at the firm now known as Harris Beach PLLC, and as office manager for the firm of Marcus & Olson in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  (Email:  lbuglion@thecicerolawfirm.com)


Anne-Marie Allen:  Ms. Allen serves as the firm’s billing coordinator and is responsible for the computer input of client information, as well as other administrative tasks.  Ms. Allen previously worked with the firm several years ago and rejoined it in 2009.  (Email:  amallen@thecicerolawfirm.com)

Molly M. Carden:  Ms. Carden recently joined the firm as its receptionist, scheduling coordinator, and administrative assistant.  To make an appointment to discuss your estate planning or a new estate, or to interview one of our attorneys, please contact Ms. Carden.  (Email:  mcarden@thecicerolawfirm.com)

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